LVR Live Album Front Cover Sqaure-01

A Night in the North


Recorded live at Sedgefield Rock & Blues Club on Friday 27th January 2017

01. Dead Man’s Chest (3:35)
02. Honey Murder (5:01)
03. Chocolate Cake (7:24)
04. Oh Death (6:33)
05. The Way It Goes…Sometimes (5:01)
06. A.S.A.D. (6:04)
07. The Chemist (5:33)
08. Hikikomori (7:27)
09. Get Off Of My Cloud (4:10)
10. Siesta Resistance (7:43)

Hollytree Studios 2017


Product Description

Third time lucky, or so it seems; especially when it comes to LaVendore Rogue recording a live album. Whenever the opportunity of recording the band in concert has cropped up in the past, there has always been a technological breakdown.

When we turned up at Sedgefield Blues Club (aka The Sedgefield Stadium/The Royal Sedgefield Hall) we knew it was going to be a good night, especially as we’ve been wanting to play there for a while. Thanks to John Tate and Garry Jacobs, we finally managed to make it happen.

What we didn’t expect was Terry (CDB Production Solutions) to casually ask us, after the soundcheck, if we would mind him recording the show. Of course we said yes, on one condition: he placed some microphones in the crowd – and let us have a copy.

A live album has always been high on our agenda, but having tried and failed before, we didn’t pay attention to the red light, apart from the occasional reminder to the audience that they were the ones being recorded.

What we’ve ended up with is a taste of LaVendore Rogue live in concert, doing what they do best, with absolutely no overdubs. Picture the scene – a cold January night in the north east of England; a sell-out crowd; a band at its peak (so far); and the most alcohol sold at the venue since records began…and we didn’t buy a drink all night!
Every show and audience is different and we’re aware that as a band, we divide opinions, but what this album captures is a band in its infancy turning an audience who are mostly unfamiliar with our material into a room of friends and fans.
Thank you to everyone who was there that night. We hope by listening to this album you feel like you were there too.

Just one thing…turn it up!