JoJo Burgess & Joel Fisk the principle songwriters behind LaVendore Rogue first made a name for themselves in 2008 in the genre-defying, alt-blues-roots band Hokie Joint.
Having made the bold decision to move on from their previous musical incarnation, the duo has reacquainted an award-winning chemistry with Stephen “Cupsey” Cutmore with whom they originally founded Hokie Joint. With the addition of Rob ‘Tank’ Barry on Bass and Warren Lynn on Keys, LaVendore Rogue are forging a new path that combines the influence of Americana, Blues and Country Music with the in-your-face attitude of Punk and Rock n Roll.

With a healthy batch of songs written with assistance from ‘Cupsey’ and producer Chris West and with zero budget available for making an album, the band decided to record this acoustic EP in Joel’s living-room/home-studio. – Interestingly and rather un-rock n’ roll, due to the limitation of recording in a ground floor flat, “What’s The Meaning of..” is unconventionally recorded with bass, drums and keys being added after the guitar & vocal tracks and all before 10PM!

As vehicle for introducing LaVendore Rogue to the wider-world, the new E.P. contains 4 spoken word pieces along with 5 stripped-back songs.
· The opener ‘Love n Hate’ sets the scene for ‘Gangsters, Thieves & Villains’, a foot stomper that follows the contradicting lives of a street thug who extorts the songs narrator, before returning to his wife and family.

· Gently following is the melancholic ‘A.S.A.D.’ (A song about drugs) a fictional tale inspired by the death of society girl and millionaire Eva Rausing.

· Jumping straight on the back of a cruising motorcycle ‘The Road’ crash lands you into the streets of London circa 2011 before, during and after the “Riot”(s).

· Popping up next is ‘The Maze’ a fast paced tale of escape.

· Finally the lights go off for ‘H-A-P-P-Y’ which introduces the west-coast-inspired ‘Lucky Boy’. – Which tells the story of young boy “chasing after a woman he’s never met”.

· Finally “What’s The Meaning of…” answers the question you will all be asking.

What’s The Meaning Off is available on the following platforms: